Summer Workshops

OrACRAO hosts workshops every August to provide an affordable opportunity for professional development and networking for the membership. In even-numbered years, the workshop focuses on practical issues relevant to frontline staff. In odd-numbered years, the workshop focuses on higher-level issues of concern to managers and administrators.

2017 OrACRAO Summer Workshop

Current Issues in Higher Education
Thursday, August 10th
Town and Gown Room, AC2057
9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Cost: $35, includes catered lunch

This year's workshop has two sessions, each focusing on a current issue in higher education:

 9:30 am Check in opens 
 10:00 am Session 1 
 12:00 pm Catered lunch 
 12:30 pm Session 2 

Session 1: Disciplinary Notations on Transcripts

Presenter: Nora McLaughlin, Registrar at Reed College
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

AACRAO recently completed a study regarding the practice of recording disciplinary actions on transcripts. This followed the change in AACRAO's 2016 edition of the "Academic Record and Transcript Guide" in which the recommendation for whether to include such notations was listed as "Optional". In prior editions, it had been listed as "Not Recommended." Given the changing landscape of transcripts and the heightened concern about disciplinary actions, AACRAO issued guidance to its members in June, and that guidance can be found on the AACRAO website, We will review the guidance, discuss its ramifications, and learn from one another how this is managed on our campuses, from the standpoint of sending and receiving such information.

Session 2: Name in Use, Preferred Pronouns, Gender & Legal Sex Designation, and Sexual Orientation Collection: How is Your Institution Supporting Transgender Students, the LGBTQ Community and Meeting Changing National and Statewide Initiatives?

Presenter: Nicolle DuPont, Associate Registrar at Portland State University
​Time: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

This session will explore issues regarding expanding biographical data collection, recording preferred name as well as collection and use of personal pronouns. Discussion will include the recommendations and status of Oregon SB 473, the Dear Colleague Letter issued jointly from the Department of Education and Department of Justice in May of 2016, and the updates made by Ellucian to support new data collection. Presenter will share experiences and lessons learned from implementing different preferred name procedures and launching expanded biographical data collection at Portland State University. Be prepared to share experiences, challenges, inquiries and thoughts from your institution!