Concurrent Session Descriptions

Concurrent Sessions (A)


Brand or Bust: Skills to Strategically Brand and Market Your Organization

Kelsi Nagle-Rowe

Marketing, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator

Oregon Health & Science University-Division of Management

How often in your workplace have you heard or said the statement(s) "Anyone can do marketing, plan an event, make a poster, etc."? Well, when it comes to marketing and branding these statements are both true and false. Equipped with the right tools, "anyone" can be an active contributor to marketing and branding in their organization. Join this session to learn strategic and adaptable skills to help you market and brand your organization, even if it's not part of your job description.


Strategic Enrollment Management: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Colm Joyce

Dean of Enrollment and Student Services

University of Western States

Michele Sandlin

Managing Consultant


This session is a must-attend if you are interested in learning about SEM Core Concepts, the three necessary SEM frameworks, and different approaches to Strategic Enrollment Management plans at 2-year, four year public, and private universities. Real examples of SEM Plans and structures will be highlighted in this session.

Michele Sandlin is an AACRAO Managing Consultant, and has coached SEM implementations at the institution, state, and national level at all types of institutions. She has 35 years of experience in higher education, and previously served as the Director of Admissions and the Campus Visitors Center at Oregon State University for 15 years.
Colman (Colm) Joyce is Dean of Enrollment at University of Western States and has experience in Strategic Enrollment Management in community colleges and four year universities.



Newer Professionals

John Duarte

Director of Enrollment Services

Rogue Community  College

Kimberly Jones

Enrollment Services Manager

Oregon Coast Community College

New to the world of admissions or the registrar? Share ideas, struggles, frustrations, or early successes with colleagues in the same shoes as you. A safe place to ask a newbie questions without judgment. 


The Future of Comprehensive Student Records

Mike Reilly

Executive Director


AACRAO and NASPA, along with $1.6 million grant from Lumina, recently completed the Comprehensive Student Record (CSR) project. Twelve institutions, both public and private, two and four-year, piloted new models of gathering, recording, and displaying student learning both in and out of the classroom. The session will review these new models, look at some of the operational considerations and challenges in creating these new records, explore lessons learned and offer some advice as campuses consider the possibility of developing their own comprehensive student record.


Manage Diplomas, Verifications, Transcripts and All Student Records with a Comprehensive Digital Credentials Platform

Chris Hart

Higher Education Manager, Account Development


Today’s students live digitally. They want to send their official records anywhere worldwide with the click of a button. They expect to showcase their accomplishments on social media. Parchment’s comprehensive digital credentials platform lets you do all that and more! Issue digital diplomas, send credentials securely, print and mail (including tracking!) the same day, and receive records into a unified inbox for streamlined processing and evaluation. With the power of a single platform, academic credentials are fast, secure, and finally able to be put to work.

Concurrent Sessions (B)


Shifting a System: Placement Reform Efforts to Create Equitable and Supported Access

Karen Sanders

Division Dean

Portland Community College

Tammy Billick

Interim Dean of Student Affairs

Portland Community College

With the news of ACT phasing out the Compass placement tests, Portland Community College (PCC) was given an opportunity to reform the placement system to provide more equitable and supportive entry into the PCC system. This session will review the process PCC engaged in to leverage the work of a representative workgroup to develop a new multiple measure placement system for the 15,000+ students that go through the placement process each year at PCC. The workgroup's progress through the following stages will be examined: inquiry, imagining, stakeholder engagement, building infrastructure, implementation, and assessment/revision of the new system. PCC's new model and plans for ongoing assessment and improvement will be shared.


Cracking the FERPA Code

Sue Eveland

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management/University Registrar

University of Oregon

FERPA can be a mind-boggling law to understand and to implement. Come to this session to learn about the history of FERPA; review the FERPA basics, including definitions and all those "mays" and "musts;" get tips on compliance, and find resources to help you do your day-to-day work. Bring your questions and concerns and we'll help you crack the FERPA code.


Roads? Where We Are Going We Don’t Need Roads – We Need Easy Reporting Tools

Wendy Ivie

University Registrar

Oregon Tech

Ben Kintner

Scheduling Coordinator and Reporting Lead

Oregon Tech

Anna LaGreca

Senior Business Analyst

Millennium Computer Services

Come learn from Oregon Tech how we transformed our reporting processes for functional users.  We will give you a brief history of where we were (or weren’t) in terms of our reporting and you will discover how Oregon Tech utilized new reporting software, Millennium FAST,  to “futurize” how we do reporting. 


25Live Campus Scheduling Walkthrough & New Developments

Andrew Van Dyk

Series25 Account Manager & International Sales Manager

CollegeNET, Inc

The 25Live system makes campus-wide scheduling, resources management, and calendaring easier, more accurate, and more efficient.  25Live is fully web based and SaaS delivered.  This session will provide a basic walkthrough of 25Live, plus demonstrate recent developments.

Concurrent Sessions (C)


Community Colleges Forum

Amy Sikora

Assistant Director, Enrollment Progress & Technology

Linn-Benton Community College

Keavy Gilbert


Linn-Benton Community College

Roundtable discussion for two-year institutions.


Private Colleges Forum

John Colgrove

Associate Registrar

Reed College

Roundtable to discuss Private College issues.


Public Four-Year Colleges Forum

Matt Stillman

University Registrar/Co-Executive Director of Student Enrollment

Southern Oregon University

Roundtable to discuss Public 4-year colleges issues.

Concurrent Sessions (D)


Allyship 101

Kristin Benson


Portland Community College

Come learn about power and privilege and how you can use your privilege (something each of us carries) to make your institution more equitable for students and employees. Dialogue and activities will focus on definitions of "ally" and "allyship," how to stand "beside" rather than "in front," and how to listen to and validate the experiences of those carrying marginalized identities. Come prepared to practice and "do" because ally is better as a verb than as a noun.


Our Oregon Promise First Year Experience: Learning From Our Mistakes

Roberto Suarez

Oregon Promise Program Manager

Portland Community College

An overview of the development and implementation of Oregon Promise First-Year Experience Programming at PCC. What we tried, what went well, what didn't work, and what we'll change in the future.


How College Scheduler Improved the Student Registration Experience at the University of Oregon

Scott Morrell

Assistant Registrar for Operations

University of Oregon

In early summer 2015, the University of Oregon implemented "Schedule Planner," a product of College Scheduler by Civitas Learning©. A soft rollout with no announcement spanned summer and fall terms. A link was quietly added to the Banner self-service menu (Duckweb), and branded as "Schedule Builder." Students jumped on it. By December 2015 there were 17,185 new users with 99,145 logins. Average registered credit loads increased for new students during summer orientation. Most notably, the registration experience became fun and easy for students. Many were astonished to see dozens... or even hundreds of possible schedules for the classes they put in their registration carts... all laid out in an intuitive calendar view. A promotional campaign was launched in winter 2016 and Schedule Builder is now used by most students. Attend this session to see what a tremendous success Schedule Builder has been for the University of Oregon.



Ellucian Banner

Amy Clark

University Registrar

Western Oregon University

Come discuss your best use of Banner SIS with your colleagues. Listen and learn about best practices from other schools so you can take new ideas back to your institution.


Transcript and Verification Solutions Built for the 21st Century

Conor McKechney

Sales Associate

Credentials Solutions

Credentials Solutions has driven innovation in Higher Education by automating transcript ordering and fulfillment. We have a variety of services to fit your unique needs that are all supported by world-class customer service. Come to our session to learn how Credentials’ industry leading innovations can help your institution.

Concurrent Sessions (E)


Ethics and the Profession - When is Doing Right Sometimes the Wrong Thing to Do?

Nora McLaughlin


Reed College

As leaders in higher education, Nannerl Keohane suggests we must "solve problems, make things happen, and take a stand." This is true at all levels of responsibility in our institutions. Good judgment is essential to our work in higher education.

How do we evaluate the competing demands we face in order to determine the ethical and best answer to difficult questions? Participants will discuss theories, scenarios, and frameworks to develop tools for finding the "right" answer.


Take Your Schedule Back to the Future - Tips and Tricks for Academic Schedulers

Mike Jefferis

Assistant Registrar for Operations

University of Oregon

Are you looking for ways to make your schedule more informative and transparent? Do you have special program courses that are hard to find on the schedule because they are not associated with a particular department? Having trouble enforcing unique registration restrictions? How can you make data entry a little easier for departments? These are just a few of the challenging questions that academic schedulers must answer each term or semester as class schedules are developed.

I will share some of the creative techniques that University of Oregon scheduling team has implemented to improve data entry, enhance the schedule of classes, and provide a better registration experience to students. Session attendees will learn about error reporting, using HTML, publishing codes, cohort restrictions, block scheduling, special course titles, and more.


Edna is gone, now what? Planning for Staff Absences and Transitions

Katrina Highland

Associate Registrar

Southern Oregon University

Karen Adams

Academic Scheduling Coordinator

Southern Oregon University

If you or your colleagues never leave or go on vacation, this session is not for you. This session will cover cross-training approaches and thorough documentation of a position's role, processes, and policies to assist with long-term absences of your own or those of an employee. This is designed for any individual who wants to leave a great legacy or have worry-free time away. Participants will walk away with templates and tools to assist with coverage during inevitable absences and transitions. Being down a team member is difficult so come learn our tips to reduce resentment, burn-out, lost knowledge, and employee rioting.



All Things DegreeWorks

Danielle Ambrose

University Registrar

Concordia University

Denise Hatch

Information Systems Specialist

Central Oregon Community College

Join your colleagues in a journey through scribe, transit, surecode, and petitions.  Share and discover unique ways to utilize the DegreeWorks system to better serve your students and your campus. 


Are You Getting Full Value from Your Partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse?

Phil Spitz

Regional Director

National Student Clearinghouse

Come hear about best practices that will ensure you are receiving all the value you can from your partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse.  Learn tips and tricks about communicating with the NSC.  And make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the other "goodies" that the NSC has to offer.

Concurrent Sessions (F)


Starting and Running a CRM With Very Little Budget or Staff

Danny Aynes

Director of Enrollment Services

Linn-Benton Community College

Dawn Sallee-Justesen


Columbia Gorge Community College

Does your admissions office have a CRM? If so great, if not, come and hear what two Oregon schools have done to address their needs for better communication with prospects and applicants. When faced with the reality that they can't afford and don't have IT staff time for the higher ed CRMs, they have chosen a CRM for small businesses called Infusionsoft. They are both at different points in the development of the CRM, but there are some valuable lessons that can be learned while choosing, building, and maintaining a CRM.


Helping Students Survive Commencement

Rebecca Mathern

University Registrar

Oregon State University

This session will focus on the changes that Oregon State University is making to ensure that our students actually show up AND enjoy commencement. A new student-centered approach to commencement focuses on ensuring that it is enjoyable for them and not focused on administration. The components will be discussions about surveying students/graduates for feedback, student focus groups and basic process reviews of the event.  Also, don't you want to hear a little bit about how OSU hands out diplomas to all of their students (mostly) successfully? Well, we can cover that too- just for entertainment purposes.


The Art of "No": Denying Requests to Fix the Past Without a Flux Capacitor...and Other Tales of "No".

Melissa Frey

Director Enrollment Services/Registrar

Chemeketa Community College

Eme Smith

Enrollment Services Specialist

Chemeketa Community College

Have you ever had a situation where Marty comes to your office to "fix" his academic record from the past? He asks "How can I get that "F" taken off of my record from November 5, 1955?" How do you in the Registrar's office respond to such a request? "Fire up the Delorean and go back in time?"...For those students who can't time travel like Marty, how do you help them understand college policy?

Do you feel like you're always the Office of "NO"? Our admissions and registrar offices are responsible for upholding laws, college standards and policies, state mandates, maintaining accurate records, and ultimately maintaining the integrity of the certificates and degrees awarded by our respective institutions. How do we effectively position ourselves so that in the event of a denial we can feel confident and be equitable to our students? Join us in an interactive session that we hope will help you develop processes and create documentation and standards in order to help you master the art of "no" since time travel really isn't an option for our students...yet.



Transfer Topics

Suzanne Snell

Transfer Articulation & Degree Map Coordinator

Portland State University

Michael Sweney

Admissions Coordinator, Transfer & New Partnerships

Portland State University

We probably can't help you figure out how to transfer a class on flux capacitors from Hill Valley College, but what about other transfer articulation questions? Do you have issues related to transfer articulation that you want to discuss with colleagues from other institutions? Do you have questions about how other institutions are providing course articulation information to prospective and/or current students? Are issues with evaluating international courses keeping you up at night? Are you searching for guidance on evaluating JST/military credits? What about AP credits? IB articulations? This roundtable is intended for open discussion (and commiseration!) related to these issues, or anything else that participants may have questions about. Come join us for the 9th anniversary of this enlightening, insightful, and fun roundtable!


Designing a Catalog: Considerations, Content, and Choices

Bryan Blackwell

Senior Client Consultant

CourseLeaf from Leepfrog Technologies

Who uses your catalog and what are they looking for? The catalog is one of the most important collections of information on campus. It can also showcase what makes your institution unique and differentiates you from the other choices students have to further their education. Learn how design and content complement each other in a catalog built to help users quickly find relevant information. We'll discuss decisions that apply to the catalog as a whole and decisions that apply to specific types of pages that leverage design and content to build the most useful catalog for your institution.

Concurrent Sessions (G)


What Next? Is a Doctoral Degree or a Future Role as a Dean or VP in your cards?

Colm Joyce

Dean of Enrollment and Student Services

University of Western States

Diane Drebin

Vice President of Student Affairs

Blue Mountain Community College

Alicia Moore

Dean of Student and Enrollment Services

Central Oregon Community College

This is a two-part presentation. The first part is focused on real-life experiences of higher ed practitioners in doctoral programs, and how that experience impacts the work we do now. The second part of the presentation is on what life is like in the role of Dean, or VP, and the many career pathways to that destination.


What Do You Need to Know? SQL Basics for Anyone.

John Colgrove

Associate Registrar

Reed College

How often do you get asked for some tidbit of data that you don't have in a prepared report but that you need right away? Or something that you just wanna know yourself? This session will go over the (very!) basics of answering these little gems using SQL. We'll talk about deciding what you want to know, figuring out where the information is stored, and who or what you want to know about. Examples will come primarily from Banner but the ideas and SQL syntax can be applied to any database system.


Interstate Passport: Implementation for Registrars and Researchers

Sean Pollack

Academic Policy Specialist

Higher Education Coordinating Commission

Roland Squire

Consultant Specialist

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Theresa Bosworth

Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar

Blue Mountain Community College

Interstate Passport is a program that facilitates block transfer of lower division general education based on learning outcomes and proficiency criteria with the goal of eliminating transfer students' unnecessary repetition of learning previously achieved. This national program is based at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, a 501c3 not for profit organization. A total of 21 institutions from six states are now members of the Interstate Passport Network. The National Student Clearinghouse is an important partner in this national implementation.




National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification

Certified Electronic Diplomas, Paper Diplomas, eDiplomas: What are the Differences and Why is Digitally Signing a Document Simply Not Enough?

Mathew Cable

Academic Records Coordinator

Southern Oregon University

Elizabeth Kunde

Executive Director Sales

Paradigm, Inc.

This is an opportunity to collaborate with other institutions who utilize the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment verification.  What are your issues, what are your victories, and how can we learn from each other going forward to reduce errors and rejected records.
Bring problems and solutions to share.

As the pioneer and creator of the Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma®), Paradigm, Inc is the only company to offer a secure, portable and trusted electronic solution for diplomas and credentials. Accepted by both State and International Governments, Certifying Boards and Employers the CeDiploma® is a transactional document that provides the student with a secure alternative to the transcript.  Paradigm offers the only solution allowing independent validation of the CeDiploma®:  an indisputable response from you, the Credentialer, that the diploma is authentic and valid. The differences in ediplomas, paper diplomas and CeDiplomas are vast and varied. Come and learn more about these products, as well as, our 10 day turnaround times, 24 hour rush service and direct mailing services that can help you find the extra space and time that you crave all while giving your students what they NEED!

Concurrent Sessions (H)


Statewide and Legislative Updates

Lisa Reynolds

Education Specialist

Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, HECC

Sean Pollack

University Academic Policy Specialist


Statewide and Legislative Updates


Independent Colleges/Universities Updates

Brent Wilder

Vice President

The Alliance

Independent Colleges/Universities Update