2018 Conference Session Details

Sunday, May 20
12:00 - 5:30 pmRegistration
1:30 - 2:15 pmFirst-Time Attendees Session
2:30 - 3:30 pmConcurrent Sessions ( A )
A.1 Standards That Ensure Quality and Rigor: An Examination of Oregon’s Accelerated Credit
Oregon has had standards, modeled on the National Standards, for Dual Credit providers since 2008. In this session dual credit practitioners will discuss the newest standards for accelerated learning approved by the state in 2018 and their impact on programs and students. Following the standards and the extensive criteria for approval to continue offering programs that give students a head start on their college courses is intensive but valued by accelerated credit staffs and the state. There will be time for discussion of new models and how programs are evaluated.
Marla Edge, Director of Academic Agreements, Oregon Tech
Erin Weeks-Earp, Alignment and Articulation Policy Specialist, Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Gretchen Brunner, Coordinator, Willamette Promise
A.2 Game of Phones - Coordinating Call Centers to Improve Student Experiences
Within large universities, our major student service centers -- Admissions, Information Technology, Financial Aid, Registration -- can operate in dramatically different ways. There may be overlap in knowledge or skills, but our internal policies, procedures and cultures set us apart. Students calling our offices, however, see us as one entity: The University. Through regular coordination by major call centers at Portland State University, we’ve spent the last several years improving interoffice communication, technology, and consistency between units. This session will explore some of the major successes and pitfalls encountered, and will delve into the benefits of cooperation between offices when we are aligned with a central mission.
Luke Norman, Call Center Manager, Portland State University
A.3 Complex Reporting: NSC Reporting, SSCR Error Resolution, and More
Learn about the issues caused with NSC reporting requirements by complex term structure, and the resolutions used at Concordia University. How we moved from point in time reporting to a holistic term reporting model. Includes NSC Reporting Errors, NSC Rejected Records, and SSCR Error Resolution.
Twi Tish, Assistant Registrar, Concordia University
In this interactive session we will briefly cover a variety of FERPA terms and concepts, then open the floor for your questions. Have you been trying to figure out how to change your directory information? Or what it means for the alumni office to have legitimate educational interest? Or what exactly that sole possession thing is? Facilitated by a panel of experienced registrars, this session will provide an opportunity to ask questions and learn from your colleagues in a friendly environment. As they say, there are no dumb FERPA questions, only dumb situations caused by the regrettable disclosure of personally identifiable information without written consent.
Nicolle DuPont, Portland State University
Gwen Hyatt, Oregon College of Art and Craft
Laura Jacobs-Anderson, Willamette University
Melissa Thomas, Registrar, George Fox University
3:30 - 4:00 pmBeverage Break with Exhibitors
4:00 - 5:00 pmConcurrent Sessions ( B )
B.1 Student Success and Accelerated credit – What the Research Reveals
Accelerated credit has been around for decades and has grown exponentially in the past decades. Oregon and National studies have looked at various ways these experiences have prepared students for success when they attend college. Additionally, working toward equity for all students to have access to college credits earned in high school seems to be making some gains and encouraging students who have not previously realized that they are “college prepared.” Join in the discussion regarding the data and what can be achieved by our students.
Marla Edge, Director of Academic Agreements, Oregon Tech
Erin Weeks-Earp, Alignment and Articulation Policy Specialist, Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Gretchen Brunner, Coordinator, Willamette Promise
B.2 The Registrars Role in Managing Academic Space
Enrollment continues to increase on many campuses; however, academic infrastructure does not always keep pace with this growth. This session will provide some tips and strategies on how Registrars can be involved in academic space planning and decision-making for academic classroom scheduling. Topics discussed will range from committees on new building projects and/or renovated sites to detailed MOU’s with departments documenting detailed usage agreements. We must be active participants in resource planning and development to successfully support the university’s mission.
Mike Jefferis, Assistant Registrar for Operations, University of Oregon
Brian Lowery, Associate University Registrar, University of Oregon
B.3 How George Fox University Predicted Tuition Revenue with Over 99% Accuracy
Enrollment Forecasting with Accountability Using simple, accessible tools like Google Drive and Excel macros, find out how the George Fox University Registrar's Office was able to predict tuition revenue for graduate and degree completion programs in the 2015-16 academic year with greater than 99% accuracy. You'll hear how George Fox reinvented their enrollment forecasting process for graduate and degree completion programs for greater visibility and accountability.
Melissa Thomas, Registrar, George Fox University
B.4 Evolving Role of the Registrar
The role of the registrar continues to advance as new technologies emerge, federal and state oversight increases, and institutions establish ambitious priorities and develop new reporting structures. How does this affect who we are as registrars? How has the landscape changed with respect to expectations, background, daily demands, and the vision necessary to champion new technologies and promote student success? This panel discussion will feature the stories and perspectives of three registrars considering the evolution of the role over the past three decades. We invite you to engage in the conversation about how job descriptions and expectations for the registrar have moved well beyond
Nora McLaughlin, Registrar, Reed College
Danny Aynes, Director of Enrollment Services, Linn-Benton Community College
Julia Pomerenk, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Registrar, University of Oregon
5:15 - 6:30 pmOpening Session
6:30 - 8:00 pmDinner & Raffle
After DinnerHang Out - Connect with old friends and make some new ones.
Monday, May 21
7:30 - 9:30 amRegistration
7:30 - 8:15 amBreakfast
8:30 - 9:15 amExhibitor Speed Dating
9:30 - 10:30 amConcurrent Sessions ( C ): Institutional Forums
This is your opportunity to meet professional colleagues from around the state! Be prepared to discuss a project or directive you might be currently working on, or bring a question or topic that you would love to know more about. This is a fantastic networking opportunity and a chance to learn from the collective wisdom of your peers.
C.1 Community Colleges Forum
C.2 Private Colleges Forum
C.3 Public Four-Year Colleges Forum
10:30 - 10:45 amBeverage Break with Exhibitors
10:45 - 11:45 amConcurrent Sessions ( D )
D.1 Success 2.0: Innovative Ideas
We all want to be successful – in our profession and in our lives in general. However, some of what we assume about how success works isn’t borne out by the latest research. In this presentation, we’ll upgrade our understanding of success and bust some long-cherished myths about what it means to be successful. With a better understanding about how success works, we’ll also talk about ways that we can bring these ideas to our team in order to increase creativity and innovation.
Julia Pomerenk, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Registrar, University of Oregon
D.2 SQL Basics for Wanna-Be Nerds
Interested in learning the basics of sql databases and reporting? Here is a very introductory exposure to the basics of sql logic and reports. We'll begin with getting an understanding of tables, columns, rows and joins in relational databases. From there we'll look at simple reporting concepts and how to expand your knowledge over time. Finally, a look at the power of the inter-webs to help when you run into trouble or want to explore something new. The focus will be on SQL basics rather than using it to develop queries in any particular student information system or in conjunction with any specific reporting tool.
John Colgrove, Associate Registrar, Reed College
D.3 Roundtable: Student Employee Supervision
Come to share tips, tricks, and best practices for student employee supervision.
Rachel Ryan, Enrollment Manager, George Fox University
Rebecca Willams, Enrollment Manager, George Fox University
D.4 Credential Solutions
Exhibitor Session - Details coming soon!
Credential Solutions
12:00 - 1:15 pmLunch
AACRAO Update, Awards & Recognition
Jim Bouse, AACRAO President
1:30 - 2:30 pmConcurrent Sessions ( E )
E.1 Building Networks, Connections and Collaboration
Let’s explore building networks, the social aspect of expanding your network, sharing ideas, willingness to assist others in our professions, mentoring and helping the next generation of professionals, preparing/helping the next wave of leaders, prepping to engage with colleagues at meetings such as OrACRAO, consistency of online presence, and caring about the success of others as the foundation to your own.
Jim Bouse, Director of Enrollment Management Technology, University of Oregon
E.2 Cool Excel Tricks You Can Use Every Day
Do you have mounds of data in Excel, but you can never pull out quite what you need? Do you need to combine first and last names into one field? Or split them apart into two? Do you need to figure out which students from the fall list are not on the spring list? Or find all students with a certain status? In this session, a registrar and data geek opens her bag of Excel tricks and shows you how to use them to simplify your everyday life.
Gwen Hyatt, Registrar, Oregon College of Art and Craft
E.3 Roundtable: Banner
With Banner 9 implementation, there are many questions, challenges, and creative approaches to share with your colleagues. Come discuss challenges and solutions for the most drastic Banner update yet.
Brian Lowery, Associate University Registrar, University of Oregon
E.4 Optimizing Student Progression: Why Personalization is Key for Completion
Completing a credential can be daunting for students without the ability to personalize their academic journey. See how students can effectively plan to achieve their goals with full context for essential academic decisions and then confidently register with conflict-free schedules that maximize credit hours while balancing life's obligations. Institutions can improve persistence and completion rates with enhanced registration services, increased advising bandwidth, and visibility into demand, fill rates, and degree progression.
College Scheduler by Civitas Learning
2:30 - 2:45 pmBeverage Break with Exhibitors
2:45 - 3:45 pmConcurrent Sessions (F)
F.1 Creating Your Personal Brand
What is your brand saying about you? Every day through our in-person and online engagements we are developing our brand and story. Developing a strong personal brand through strategic platforms like social media, blogging, creative writing, presenting, etc. can help you to land new jobs, build your business/skill set, showcase your department or institution, and seek out new opportunities. Join me to learn more about the benefits of building your brand and tips for starting the process.
Kelsi Nagle-Rowe, Marketing, Outreach, & Recruitment Coordinator, Oregon Health & Science University
F.2 Building an Annual Plan to Optimize Recruitment
Getting the most out of our recruitment efforts has to be done strategically. That can only happen at the 30,000-foot level. Creating an annual plan not only shows holes in recruitment efforts but will also hold the recruitment team accountable. We're going to discuss the different levels that make up an annual plan.
Wade Arave, Director of Admissions, Oregon College of Art and Craft
F.3 Roundtable: HB 2998
House Bill 2998 "Requires community colleges and public universities to establish foundational curriculum or foundational curricula for first year of coursework at public post-secondary institutions of education and establishes requirements for foundational curricula." This House Bill will be a big shift for institutions so let's take advantage of coming together and brainstorm some methods to get us through these coming changes.
Cindy Baccar, Registrar, Portland State University
F.4 Reverse Transfer for Student Success
How reverse transfer supports student success in Oregon
National Student Clearinghouse
4:00 - 5:00 pmConcurrent Sessions (G)
G.1 Advanced Allyship - Practical considerations for supporting transgender staff
Going beyond the basics of general allyship, how do you support a staff member who is transitioning? What are the practical considerations that go along with a gender transition? Drawing on personal experience in addition to best practices, this session will cover aspects of transition to be aware of, including complications related to name and gender change within IT and other systems, roadblocks and speed bumps that may need to be overcome in the process and ways that you can assist your coworker in his or her transition journey.
Katherine Cable, Academic Records Coordinator, Southern Oregon University
G.2 Law Offices of Whetsitne & Forell: Subpoena Processing
Do you know what to do when a subpoena ends up in your hands? Do "other duties as assigned" include acting as the legal counsel at your institution? Join us as we navigate FERPA in regards to subpoenas, share tips and tricks we've learned over the years and ask you about your offices' best practices.
Jared Forell, Assistant Director of Admissions & Records, Central Oregon Community College
G.3 Roundtable: Transfer Topics
Come discuss day-to-day issues that arise in transfer articulation and how different institutions approach the process. Institutions are also receiving many new types of transcripts as students continue to earn credits in new and creative ways. This is a great time to bring your creative solutions, come to get familiar with the world of articulation, and to bring pressing concerns.
Exhibitor Session - Details coming soon!
5:00 - 6:00 pmFree Time
6:00 - 7:00 pmPresident's Reception
7:00 - 10:00 pmDinner & Entertainment
Tuesday, May 22
8:00 - 8:30 amCoffee and Tea
8:30 - 9:30 amConcurrent Sessions (H)
H.1 Statewide & Legislative Updates
Come to this session to get the latest information from statewide leaders. This session provides an overview and update on the activities and changes that are happening throughout public higher education in Oregon. Hear about current initiatives, governance and legislative issues and the impact they will have at institutions statewide.
H.2 Independent College/University Updates
Get the latest updates on the Alliance, higher education initiatives in Oregon, and the implications for private institutions.
Kristen Grainger, President, OAICU Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges & Universities
9:45 - 11:30 amBrunch, Annual Business Meeting, and Closing Session
12:30 - 4:00 pm2018 and 2019 Executive Committee Meeting/Planning Committee Chairs