Executive Committee


Courtney Whetstine

Lewis and Clark Graduate School




Ryan Clark

Portland Community College




Emily Sharratt

Eastern Oregon University


Vice-President for Professional Development & Training

Bonnie Gutierrez

University of Oregon



Vice-President for Technology & Communication

Luke Norman

Portland State University



Karren Cholewinski

Oregon State University




Amy Clark

Western Oregon University


Other Positions

Planning Committee Chair

Kara Rutherford

Central Oregon Community College


Business Partner Coordinator

Amy Salsbery

Mount Hood Community College


Membership Coordinator

Kristin Petherbridge

Oregon Health & Science University


Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Committee



The President shall assume full responsibility for all general activities of the association,

coordinate all necessary correspondence with members in regard to annual activities and,

with the assistance of the Executive Committee, oversee programming and serve as chairperson at association meetings. All bills must be approved by the President, or President-appointed committee chair, before payment.


  • Responsible for overseeing all activities of the association, including the annual meeting

  • Chair the EC

  • Approve all expenses, or appoint committee chairs who may approve expenses

  • Attend the Summer Workshops: provides welcoming remarks, introduce EC members in attendance, encourage OrACRAO participation, thank local host

  • Run the annual business meeting

  • Attend AACRAO and PACRAO conferences, if possible (not paid by OrACRAO)

  • Update this handbook before the summer EC meeting and distribute to EC members

  • Coordinate reporting of any incidents that may result in a future insurance claim to the insurance company. It’s imperative that any potential insurance event be reported to the venue and the insurance company. Typically venues have an incident report form.

Term of Office

3 years, 1 each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President.



The President-Elect shall act as the chief assistant to the President and shall succeed to that

office in case it becomes vacant. The President-Elect will become President the following year.

In addition, the President-Elect will make site arrangements for the annual meeting to be held

the following year.


  • Assist the President

  • Select a site for the next year's conference in consultation with the EC

    • Contact and visit prospective sites

    • Develop, review, and sign contract by April 1 in consultation with President and Past-President

  • Serve on the Planning Committee

  • Review financial statements and checking account prior to executive committee meetings and annual meeting

  • If possible, attend the annual AACRAO Leadership meeting in Washington DC in the fall (up to $1200 paid by OrACRAO)

Term of Office

3 years, 1 each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President. This position

rotates between individuals from a 2-year public, 4-year public, and private institutions.



The Past-President shall serve in an advisory capacity to the current President and chair the

Nomination and Elections Committee. In addition, the Past-President shall be responsible for

the recognition of retirees at the annual meeting.


  • Provide support, guidance, and organizational memory for President, EC, and PC

  • Responsible for all aspects of recognitions at annual meeting:

    • Retirees

    • Honorary members

    • Professional contributions to other organizations (e.g., AACRAO/PACRAO)

    • Bob Tufts and Herb Chereck awards

  • Coordinate, or delegate coordination, of Oregon dinners at AACRAO and PACRAO

  • responsible for N & E

Term of Office

3 years, 1 each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President.

Vice-President for Professional Development and Training


The Vice-President for Professional Development and Training coordinates the professional development and training program and shall succeed to the office of President-Elect in the event it becomes vacant.


  • Coordinate and implement Summer Workshops

    • In cooperation with EC, identify location(s), select topic, and solicit presenter

    • Manage site details (catering, room)

    • Monitor registration and ensure payment of all attendees

    • Attend workshop and manage onsite logistics

  • Coordinate and implement Oregon Transfer Days

    • Schedule fairs at all sites

    • Manage look and feel of materials, posters used to advertise to students, and schedule

    • Oversee registration and ensure all participants have paid

    • Serve as liaison to participating community colleges, and attend some events to spot check

  • Manage scholarships for Annual Meeting

Term of Office

2 years, beginning in odd-numbered years.

Vice-President for Technology and Communication


The Vice-President for Technology and Communication shall be responsible for maintaining the

online event registration system, the association website, and the association listserv.


  • Manage online registration system

  • Manage OrACRAO website

    • Make updates and post relevant items at request of EC members

    • Review full site annually for needed updates

    • Serve as liaison to webmaster/vendors

  • Manage OrACRAO listserv

    • Add and remove members

    • Manage updates on behalf of the Membership Coordinator

    • Troubleshoot problems and ensure ongoing functioning

  • Update EC email addresses (e.g., president@oracrao.org) immediately after annual meeting

  • Responsible for conference photos and social media

Term of Office

2 years, beginning in even-numbered years.



The secretary shall be the custodian of the records of the association. This person shall keep

the minutes of the annual meeting and the meetings of the Executive Committee. This person shall edit, publish, and distribute all official publications issued in the name of the association.


  • Keep official meeting minutes of the annual business meeting and give report at next year's annual business meeting

  • Keep EC meeting minutes, notes, and action items

  • Responsible for compiling the conference program and managing publication and printing

  • Responsible for website content

Term of Office

2 years, beginning in odd-numbered years.



The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the association. This person shall collect

membership dues and pay all bills rendered to the association when approved for payment by

the President, or President-appointed committee chair. This person shall prepare a financial report to be presented to the members of the association at the time of the annual business meeting, and prepare financial reports to be presented at each EC meeting. This person shall file taxes annually on behalf of the association.


  • Maintain bank accounts, records all transactions, and keeps receipts

  • Pay bills and write reimbursement checks

  • Intake membership dues

  • Intake payments for Summer Workshops, annual conference, and OTD

  • Present financial statement at EC meetings and Annual Meeting

  • File taxes annually by November 15

  • Pay annual incorporation fee

  • Pay insurance premiums

Term of Office

2 years,1 year as treasurer-elect, one year as Treasurer, beginning in even-numbered years.

Treasurer Elect:

The treasurer-elect shall act as the chief assistant to the treasurer and shall succeed to that office in case it becomes vacant. At the direction of the treasurer the treasurer-elect shall assist in the preparation of the budget, collection of dues, and any other duties as assigned by the treasurer. The treasurer-elect shall succeed to the office of treasurer the following year.


Term of Office

2 years, one year as Treasurer elect, one year has Treasurer

OrACRAO Ad Hoc Positions

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator works with the EC to keep up-to-date membership lists and solicit

dues. This position does not require travel or conference attendance. This is a two-year

renewable term appointed by the EC in odd-numbered years. The Membership Coordinator reports to the President.

Business Partner Coordinator

The Business Partner Coordinator develops and maintains relationships with members of the

business community to attract funding and encourage their participation in OrACRAO activities

including the annual conference. The Business Partner Coordinator is also responsible for

working with the Planning Committee on exhibitor arrangements at the conference and is

expected to attend the conference. This is a two-year renewable term appointed by the EC in even-numbered years. The Business Partner Coordinator reports to the President-Elect.

Planning Committee Chair

Oversee all conference planning activities, organize the Planning Committee, and provide updates to the President and the Executive Committee as necessary. Manage the conference site contract, coordinate with the conference site for planning meetings and the conference event, and in coordination with the President, review and approve billing with the conference site.